Thursday, January 15, 2009

Proof and edit

First, good posts!! I am impressed with the quality of your effort to respond in character. Your first posts reflect, for the most part, good research and some impressive attempts to use the language and phrasing of the time. Keep it up!

I've also read some thoughtful comments; these, too, are impressive for the quality of research and thought they reflect.

Just one caveat: Be sure to proof and edit as you write; I've noticed several spelling errors as I've read your first posts. Also, remember to show us the reference for your post beneath your text.

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Moix said...

I agree! I didn't expect the first round to work out as well as it has! If you have any techno questions before we get this project up and running for the full two weeks, PLEASE email me. I will share the answer to those questions with all of you on a Q&A blog post.

Congratulations on doing so well! Keep it up!